Alone: Deep (October 2020)


Available for pre-order

The Deep Expansion for Alone includes 7 new miniatures for the survival horror/dungeon
crawler game, 3 miniatures for Hero and 4 miniatures for the Evil players.

In this set you will find 3 new hero miniatures, each one with the related character card and 2 mission cards, as well as 4 boss creature miniatures, with the corresponding mission cards.

This expansion also includes 5 Special creature cards to be used with the Mob rules that allow the players to use the miniatures of unique creatures in a different way and the Special rules for rooms, that allow the Hero player to interact with the environment in a different way.

These additional contents increase the options available to the Hero and the Evil players when creating their custom scenarios and allow them to try new approaches to the game.

7 New miniatures
6 New mission cards
1 Special room card
1 Companion token
3 New character cards
5 Special creature cards
5 Special creature tokens

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