Apex Legends Pathfinder Micro Epics Mini-Figure


SKU: WT03066
Available for pre-order

Small, but mighty, Pathfinder can still pack a punch! The cool stuff creators at Weta Workshop have turned Pathfinder from Apex Legends into a microscopic marvel! This figure has 4 points of articulation and comes in a stackable Perspex box with rotating turntable. This Apex Legends Pathfinder Micro Epics Mini-Figure measures 2-inches tall!

From the scientific, un-clumsy geniuses at Weta Workshop comes the mind-boggling Micro Epics! Microscopic marvels that are supposed to look like that, no matter what you've heard! Halfway through the shrinking procedure, the little guy fired out a zipline and flew across the lab. Unfortunate.

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